How to Submit a Complaint that Matters

We’ve all had a bad experience with a business. Maybe so bad that we go on Facebook and post a poor rating on a business’s page or leave a bad Yelp review. But does that change anything? No, those sites are out for themselves. They need businesses on their platforms to pay for advertising. They are more likely to side with a business and remove your bad report if the business asks for a review.

Here is what you can do to make your voice heard: file your complaint with your state’s consumer protection office. Every state has one, and here is how to find it:

Before you file

Before you file your complaint, make sure you have all the information. The more detail you can provide, the better. Your complaint could help lead to an investigation and help your fellow consumers. Some states have a form you fill out. If not, has an easy-to-use form.

Things to include:

A few things to consider:

In the end, if you want to protect yourself, help by protecting your fellow consumers. If there was a legitimate issue with a business, let your local consumer protection agency know. File the most detailed complaint you can. Contact a lawyer if it caused you any kind of harm. But don’t just rant about it on social media. However, if the service was good or if a company did something worthy of praise, post about it. It’s amazing how much positive reviews can help your local business succeed!

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